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Download Fermata Auto Apk v1.9.7

Fermata Auto APK is a great Android application built specifically for Android Auto a great alternative to AAAD Apk. This Android app unlocks exciting new multimedia capabilities for your car’s infotainment system that are not usually available otherwise. In this article, I will provide a detailed guide on Fermata Auto APK about the exact reasons to install this app, the main features, and how you can download, install, and use it to upgrade your in-car experience.

What is the Fermata Auto APK?

Fermata Auto is a third-party Android app specially designed to work with Android Auto. It serves as an exceptional tool that unlocks additional infotainment features like video playback, web browsing, ChatGPT integration, live TV streaming, and more for Android Auto. 

If you install this app on your Android smartphone and connect to the car’s infotainment system via Android Auto, Fermata Auto enables you to safely access these extra entertainment, connectivity, and information features through your car’s touchscreen display.

Key Features of Fermata Auto APK

Here are some of the most useful features offered by Fermata Auto APK:

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Shortcomings of The Fermata Auto APK

Below are the obvious drawbacks of the third party apps like Fermata Auto APK:

Not Available on the Google Play Store

The official version of Fermata Auto is not available on Google Play Store as of now so users have to download the APK file from third-party sources like from our website.

Difficult to Update

To update the Fermata Auto App, you have to manually download the latest version APK file, uninstall the older version, and then install the new update.

Bugs and Glitches

The Fermata Auto App is not a perfect app like all other third party applications. There are some bugs and glitches present in the app which are likely to be fixed in future updates.

How Does the Fermata Auto Connect with Android Auto?

Connecting Fermata Auto with Android Auto is quite straightforward. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Download and install Fermata Auto APK on your Android smartphone.
  2. Allow all the required permissions.
  3. Connect your phone to the car’s infotainment system using a USB cable.
  4. You’ll now see the Fermata Auto app icon on your car’s touchscreen display.

How to Download and Install Fermata Auto?

If you want to enjoy the powerful capabilities of Fermata Auto in your car’s infotainment system, simply follow these steps to download and install it:

Step 1: Download the latest APK file of the Fermata Auto app on your Android phone from our website.

Step 2: Make sure you have enabled “Install from unknown sources” in your phone’s settings.

Step 3: Once downloaded, install the Fermata Auto APK file on your device. You can find the downloaded file from the download folder in your file manager.

Step 4: Open the app and allow the required permissions.

Guide on Using Fermata Auto APK

Using Fermata Auto APK is very easy thanks to its intuitive interface. Here is a quick guide:

  1. Open the Fermata Auto app on the car’s touchscreen system.
  2. You’ll see your locally stored videos first if any. Tap to play them.
  3. Use the bottom navigation bar to access other features like YouTube, Music, Web browser, Live TV, etc.
  4. Tap the Web icon to access the internet browser and search anything on Google.
  5. Go to Fermata Auto settings to enable ChatGPT and customize other options.
  6. Cast photos, and videos from your phone to the car’s display using Google Cast.
  7. Enjoy ad-free YouTube videos and background play.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Fermata Auto only works with Android Auto. There is no iOS version available currently that is compatible with Apple CarPlay.

You can download the latest Fermata Auto APK file from our website through the download option provided in this guide. I suggest you bookmark this page to check the updated APK file.

The Fermata Auto developer team rolls out consistent updates every 2-3 weeks to fix bugs and introduce new capabilities.

Yes, Fermata Auto and all its features are free to use. You don’t have to pay anything.

No, there is no root access required on your Android phone to install and use Fermata Auto APK.

It is designed to keep driving safety in mind by offering an upgraded in-car entertainment experience so you don’t have to use your phone directly while driving.


Fermata Auto APK unlocks many useful and engaging features for Android Auto that are not usually available. With video playback, ad-free YouTube, web browsing, ChatGPT, and more now accessible directly through your car’s infotainment screen, Fermata Auto uplifts your driving experience to a whole new level. Just download, install, and connect Fermata Auto with Android Auto in a few quick steps to enjoy the next-level multimedia capabilities in your vehicle.

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